Ohio University

Recreation and Sport Pedagogy Majors

Health and Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education (HPE) is designed to prepare students to teach Pre-K through Grade 12 within school settings. Graduates of the HPE major will earn a Bachelor of Science degree (BSPE) and earn teaching certifications in both Health and Physical Education. 

Physical Activity and Sport Coaching

The Physical Activity and Sport Coaching (PASC) major is designed to be inclusive for students who aspire to pursue physical activity and sport coaching careers in a variety of settings and at various levels of specialization and competition, such as youth recreation and sports camps, interscholastic coaching or intercollegiate coaching.

Outdoor Recreation and Education

This major is designed to prepare students for career opportunities in the field of outdoor recreation and education. The program blends traditional classroom and field-based learning opportunities to create a unique educational experience for students. Students develop foundational knowledge related to the discipline, technical proficiency in various outdoor adventure pursuits, expeditionary and wilderness travel experience, and programming, leadership and teaching ability that can be applied in a wide variety of professional settings. Students can earn a number of professional certifications and certificates through coursework in the program.

Recreation Management

As the parks, recreation and leisure services industry continues to grow, there is a growing need for parks, recreation and leisure services professionals who can meet the leadership and management needs of agencies and organizations in the industry. The Recreation Management major is designed to prepare to pursue a variety of career opportunities in the field. Students majoring in Recreation Management must also earn a minor or certificate that complements their academic and career goals. Examples of complementary minors and certificates include: Festivals, Events & Entertainment Management; Outdoor Recreation & Education; Ecotourism; Coaching; Fine Arts related minors and certificates; and Business related minors and certificates.