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Recreation and Sport Pedagogy Student Spotlight

Look at the great work our students are involved with here at Ohio University in the Recreation Studies program!

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Kristen Sullivan

When I walked into the Campus Rec office in Ping, it was clear Kristen Sullivan?s time is a hot commodity. In the space of just a couple minutes four or five people came up to her with questions and she had an answer for all of them. In between the flurry of activity, I was able to sit down with her to talk about her capstone project to complete her Masters degree within the Recreation Studies program here at OHIO.

Kristen?s project is to add a new sport to Ping?s intramural sports roster; wheelchair basketball. Kristen is able to offer this new sport to the intramural program with the assistance of Columbus Parks and Recreation, as they are allowing use of their wheelchairs for the league. Kristen is very excited to not only implement this program for her project, but also to bring awareness to wheelchair sports.

Kristen is not only interested in hosting the league, but also gaining insight from the participants regarding their participation. Kristen shared, ?My research will examine the attitudes and perceptions people have before and after they participate. I am interested in knowing if participating in adaptive sports change the way one thinks about people who use wheelchairs as their main mode of transportation.? In addition to participants, Kristen needs to prepare the referees for this league. ?We have staff here who are at the highest level of student supervisors within Competitive Sports. They do all the development for all of the officials?they walk them through all intramural sport trainings, but this specifically is something new to our student supervisors. They haven?t officiated wheelchair basketball before, they haven?t looked at the rule book, they haven?t been through the training development process, and there is no Power Point that our office has used previously that they can show to people. I?m excited for them to get creative with it and see what kind of different resources they can utilize in order to train our officials.?

For those of you interested in participating and wondering about the rules of wheelchair basketball, Kristen informed us, ?They don?t differ very much, it?s different in terms of dribbling. If you can imagine rolling down the court in your wheelchair you need two hands to push your wheelchair and so you only get a certain number of pushes before you have to bounce the ball. Other than that there aren?t really any changes. The net height and court are the same.? Kristen welcomes all students at OHIO to join the league, as this league is open to any student here at OHIO.

Kristen is pursuing her Master?s Degree at Ohio University in Recreation Studies, concentrating in Campus Recreation and Recreation Management. She is currently a Graduate Assistant for Competitive Sports within Campus Recreation. Originally from Maple Shade, NJ, Kristen completed her Bachelor?s Degree in Outdoor Recreation at SUNY Cortland in 2011. After completing her bachelor's degree, Kristen spent time in various positions in both the outdoor and sport industries, working for non-profits and community recreation and parks departments in Baltimore and Philadelphia. Through her collegiate and professional career, Kristen remained active in campus and city-wide intramurals which led to her interest in campus recreation and inclusive sports programming while pursuing her master's at Ohio University.

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Author: Emma Fisher