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Physical Activity and Wellness (PAW) Program

Adaptive Rugby in gym

Physical Activity & Wellness Program (PAW)

The Physical Activity and Wellness program (PAW) is intended to promote health and wellness through participation in physical activity and recreational sports. The program offers a wide array of one-credit-hour courses that are available to students across the university. Courses offered through the PAW program are designed to provide opportunities for students to develop the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully engage in self-directed physical activity as well as individual- and team-oriented recreational sports. The PAW program offers courses such as aerobic conditioning, weight training, jogging, basketball, tennis, bowling, ice skating, and much more.

Course Composition

Courses will combine instruction of a physical activity or sport and health and wellness curriculum, delivered on-line. Individual courses will carry one hour of graded academic credit that will count toward the required total for graduation and for the determination of full-time status in the semester in which the course is taken.

For information about the PAW program or individual courses, contact:

Annie Machamer
PAW Program Coordinator
Patton College of Education
McCracken Hall 202K
Athens, OH 45701