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Jennifer Ottley

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Associate Professor
Teacher Education
McCracken Hall 309D

Dr. Jennifer Ottley holds the B.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies and the M.S. in Elementary Education, both from West Virginia University. She also holds the Ph.D. in Special Education from Florida State University and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Early Childhood Research and Policy from The Ohio State University. Dr. Ottley teaches courses in adaptations, methods, and assessment for learners with special needs in early childhood settings. Her major research interests focus on supporting the development of young children with disabilities by enhancing the capacity of early childhood educators and families to meet their individualized needs.

Most Recent Publications:

Good, S. C., & Ottley, J. R. (2019). Learning mathematics through every-day play activities: Enhancing exposure and mastery. Young Children, 74, 73-78.

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