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Patton College of Education Newly Admitted Online Students

Congratulations on being accepted into our online programs. Now that you have been admitted, please follow the instructions below to get started. You will also receive an email with further registration instructions. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa. S. Dael at dael@ohio.edu.

Activate your OHIO ID

If you have not attended Ohio University before, you will need to activate your OHIO ID using the PID/Campus ID number (P#######) you received from the Graduate College with your official acceptance letter. If you have questions about your PID/Campus ID or OHIO ID, please call the Service Desk at 740.593.1222.

Register for courses:

Please review your Program of Study so you know which courses to enroll in for this term. If you have questions, contact your advisor. Watch the following video to learn how to search for classes using the Course Offerings page.  There are special instructions for accessing online courses.

Your courses will NOT appear in the General Course Offerings.  Please review your Program of Study and enroll in the courses listed for this term.  The program you need to select to search for your courses is listed below

Undergraduate Programs Graduate Certificates & Endorsements Master's Degrees
Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement
(Summer only)
Graduate K-12 Education Public Policy Leadership Certificate Graduate Patton College of Education/
Teacher Education


Graduate Pre-K Special Needs Endorsement Master of Higher Education
  Graduate Reading Endorsement Master of Science in Recreation and Sport
Sciences - Coaching Education
  Graduate Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement (Summer only) Master of Science in Recreation and Sport
Sciences - Coaching Education Soccer

When you are ready to register, watch this video to enroll in your classes: How to Enroll in Classes

If you attempt to enroll for a class and get a message saying you have not met the prerequisite or that permission is required, you should select the "Request Permission" link. This process is replacing the green slipping process and will allow you to make an electronic request to the instructor to get into the class. For further instructions, please visit: How to request permission for a class video.

If you are not sure which courses you should enroll in please contact your advisor. For problems registering, please send a screenshot to Lisa Dael dael@ohio.edu so she can assist you.

Graduate Orientation

Before classes begin, you will receive an email from the Graduate College about Graduate Student Orientation.  The "Online Programs Orientation" module is available in Blackboard, a Learning Management System. You will receive instructions on how to access the orientation module in Blackboard and how to complete it. Reminder emails will be sent out to those who have not completed the module every two weeks. Please complete the orientation by the deadline or a hold will be placed on your record preventing you from registering for the next term. The hold will only be lifted when you complete the module and Graduate College staff have reviewed it. If you have questions about the Graduate College’s Graduate Student Orientation, email graduate@ohio.edu.

Log into Blackboard

Once you have registered for classes, you will be able to access Blackboard. You may need to wait a couple hours before you can log in for the first time. Your courses will NOT show up in your course list until the instructor makes them available to you. You will use your OHIO ID and password to log in. (first initial of first name, first initial of last name, and 6 digits)

Accessibility Services

Any student who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact Accessibility Services to discuss his/her specific needs and provide written documentation. Instructors cannot make accommodations until official documentation is received from Accessibility Services so if you are not yet registered as a student with a disability, please contact Nina Henderson hendersn@ohio.edu at Student Accessibility Services or visit them for information about registering.


Please check the Course Listings for textbooks.  Please feel free to purchase your textbooks from wherever you choose. We do not require you to purchase from a specific vendor.  If you have questions about your materials, please reach out to the instructor of the class.