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OCEMS Vision, Mission, and Goals

Dr. Courtney Koestler, EdTalk October 2019, "Teaching can never be neutral"


University faculty, school district administrators and staff, and other important stakeholders will regard the OHIO Center for Equity in Mathematics and Science as an integral part of supporting mathematics and science education projects that aim to enrich and improve the teaching and learning of PreK-16 mathematics and science in Southeast Ohio and beyond.

This vision will be achieved by strengthening collaboration, coordination, and communication among The Patton College of Education faculty, Ohio University faculty in other colleges, PreK-16 educators, and other important stakeholders including faculty at other institutions.


Overall, our mission is to enrich the learning opportunities for both PreK-16+ students and teachers, through outreach programs in PreK-12, teacher preparation, and professional development. This mission is addressed through the following objectives:

  • To improve professional development opportunities for practicing teachers
  • To improve prospective teacher preparation programs
  • To increase access to quality learning opportunities for PreK-16 students
  • To support future teacher educators and teacher leaders
  • To connect to equitable and just approaches to teaching and learning
  • To form a research and creative activities collaborative that plans and conducts applied practice, research, and evaluation


  • To increase the visibility of the center and its viability as a resource of expertise within The Patton College, Ohio University, the community/region, the state, and beyond
  • Increase collaboration among Patton College Centers and Patton College faculty on mutually beneficial projects
  • Increase the capacity of Center director and staff (including graduate students) to engage in outreach-related activities that are aligned to its mission
  • Gradually increase the externally funded projects

OCEMS Affiliate Faculty Members in Teacher Education

Dr. Danielle Dani is a professor in the Department of Teacher Education. Her research investigates strategies for developing teacher knowledge and skills for teaching STEM ideas and practices in place-based and culturally relevant ways. (Contact Dr. Dani at

Dr. Mathew Felton-Koestler is an associate professor in the Department of Teacher Education. His scholarship focuses on prospective and current teachers, and views of issues of equity and social justice in mathematics and mathematical modeling. (Contact Dr. Felton-Koestler at

Dr. Gregory D. Foley is the Morton Professor of Mathematics Education. His research interests include mathematics curriculum, inquiry-based instruction, mathematics language acquisition, and teacher professional development in statistics and modeling. (Contact Dr. Foley at

Dr. Allyson Hallman-Thrasher is an associate professor jointly appointed in the Department of Teacher Education and the Department of Mathematics. Her research focuses on how prospective mathematics teachers learn to facilitate mathematics discussions and how teacher education programs can foster such learning. (Contact Dr. Hallman-Thrasher at