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Professional Development Activities

OCEMS works collaboratively with districts, schools, teachers, and families to support children in learning mathematics and science in child-centered ways. Much of Dr. Courtney Koestler’s work in the Athens City School District, Alexander Local School District, Columbus City School District, and other districts builds on the Cognitively Guided Instruction body of work and on the practice of Number Talks, but can be targeted based on the needs of a particular community. 

Read local newspaper articles about a Parent Book group, collaborations with teachers for in-class lessons, and professional development experiences.

Other recently completed projects include:

Engaging in Classroom Inquiry to Create More Equitable Mathematics and Science Classrooms in Southeast Ohio

The Principal Investigator for this project was Dr. Koestler, in collaboration with Doctoral Candidate Derek Sturgill, Athens City School teachers, and Alexander Local School teachers, and as funded in large part by the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

This project was a two-year long professional development program for teachers of mathematics and science in Grades K–8. The project began with a 2-day institute that introduced classroom inquiry as a form of professional development, a means to more equitable mathematics and science teaching, and a way to develop and support a working community of teacher-researchers. Following the 2-day institute, whole group and individual meetings occurred where classroom inquiry was further explored and project support was provided. At the end of the program, a symposium was held where the participants presented inquiry projects and “lessons learned”. Sessions about the project were presented at the annual conferences of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators and the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Southeast Ohio Math Teachers' Circle 4.0

The PI for this project was Dr. Nick Pilewski, in collaboration with Dr. Bob Klein and Dr. Koestler, and was funded by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. The Math Teachers' Circle was in its fourth year of funding and supports teachers’ identities of math do-ers and thinkers. Participants met on Saturdays to engage in mathematics problem solving or after school for “Mathy Hours”.

Scaffolding Inquiry and Problem-Solving through Literacy and Argumentation Strategies

This project was lead by PI Dr. Danielle Dani and was funded by the Ohio Department Of Higher Education. This project brought together math and science teachers, teacher educators, and Arts and Sciences faculty to support STEM practices in teaching and learning.


Dr. Courtney Koestler is actively involved with mathematics education and teacher education organizations such as the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE), and is also very involved in regional and state-level work. Dr. Koestler serves as the Vice President- Elementary for the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics and is part of the Ohio Department of Education’s Network of Regional Leaders.

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