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Professional Development for Teachers

Teachers engaged in professional development activities

OCEMS works collaboratively with districts, schools, teachers, and families to support children in learning mathematics and science in child-centered and inquiry-based ways. Dr. Koestler’s work is focused on equitable and just teaching practices and can be based on the needs of a particular community.

Some recent projects Dr. Koestler has organized include a classroom inquiry group that supported mathematics and science teachers to develop action research projects to study their teaching practices; a district-wide professional development project on Cognitively Guided Instruction and Number Talks, and a Parent Book Group using the humorous, but informative book written by Marilyn Burns called Math: Facing an American Phobia. Dr. Koestler has also worked with colleagues to support a Math Teachers' Circle in Southeast Ohio.

If you or your school district is interested in collaborating with Dr. Koestler and OCEMS, please click the contact us button below to submit your contact information, and an OCEMS representative will be in contact with you.