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October Alumni Recognition: James Sutter

Beth Backes | Oct 3, 2017

James Sutter, a graduate from the Woodrow Wilson program in The Patton College, has been making great strides in the classroom towards a better understanding of environmental impact. Mr. Sutter is an AP Environmental Science teacher at Wellston High School in Southeast Ohio, and he did not take the traditional route to get here. Mr. Sutter came into the Woodrow Wilson program after already working in environmental risk in the private sector, and wanted to share his knowledge in a different way, through teaching. 

James sutter class NYT
(photo credit: Maddie McGarvey, New York Times)


During the 2016-17 academic year, Mr. Sutter's AP Environmental Science class worked on a project titled "Wellston high School Trails Project Proposal", which caught a lot of attention. Through the different learning opportunities Mr. Sutter creates in his classrom including the trails project, local fish sampling which was reported to the US Geological Service, and discussions about climate change, Mr. Sutter proves to be an innovative and inspiring teacher. 

Over the summer, the New York Times published an article on the front page telling the world about Mr. Sutter's teachings, with a follow-up article about the student perceptions and opinions in his class. Climate change is a complex subject, and it's not all field trips and nautre observations. There are some skeptics sitting right there in his classroom, who challenge the topic from many angles. But Mr. Sutter doesn't give up. It's an important topic, during an imporant time in history. 

To read the New York Times articles on James Sutter's classrom, click on the full articels below.