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Welcome Back!

Aug 25, 2014

Welcome Back14

Dear Students of The Patton College of Education,

Welcome new and returning students to the start of the 2014-15 academic year! I hope every one of you had a wonderful summer. I am pleased you are here at The Patton College and are ready to focus on your education and your future success.

Important items to note: You are all invited to The Patton College’s Advocacy and Leadership Summit, September 21 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. in Nelson Commons Main Reception Room 146. This FREE event will help you discover and understand your leadership style and leverage it within the education and human service professions. Also, come by and visit with me during my Open Office Hours on Tuesdays from 9–10 a.m. and Thursdays from 5–6 p.m. These are blocks of time available in 15-minute scheduled intervals. Please feel free to contact Candy Johnson ( or 740-593-9449) to schedule a time.

The 2014-15 academic year marks our final year in the current McCracken Hall, which will undergo a $31.8-million renovation project next June. While our building may change, our goals will not. Our theme for this academic year is: Advocate, Unite, and Inspire!

We advocate for educational and community-centered goals and initiatives that align with our mission, vision, and values; we unite to achieve positive academic and community-focused outcomes; we seek to inspire you -- our students -- to take up the cause to help bring about the change you wish to see in the world.

Yes, as the times change, so do we. But we remain – now and always – true to our principles. We are CALLED to Lead!

Our faculty, made up of some the nation’s leading education and human service experts, are even more committed to being change agents for change agents in and out of the classroom. World-changing research and life-changing actions happen in The Patton College’s halls, and you, our students, are the reason for it all!

From my office to the classroom to the study room, The Patton College community leads by collaboration and by example. We know that we are at our best when we listen to each other, when we work together, and when we are open to innovation and change. Our students, their input, their efforts, and their passion are what make us great!

We are a diverse community at The Patton College. We have future educators and human service professionals sharing the halls from August through the graduation stage in May. We are proud of who we are, and eager to share it with the rest of Ohio University. We are OHIO Proud and Patton Proud.

“Like” us on Facebook and “follow” us on Twitter @OUPattonCollege to get up-to-the-minute news about events and goings on in The Patton College. We want to hear from you!

The Fall Semester and 2014 academic year bring with them the best of the old and the promise of the new. Let’s get out there and do great things!


Renée A. Middleton, Dean

Dean Headshot