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Ken Bowald

Headshot of a smiling and bearded Ken Bowald wearing a dark suit jacket and blue shirt.
Director of Student Services
Student Affairs
Patton Hall 103Q

Ken originates from Cincinnati, and is a proud Ohio University graduate, having majored in Outdoor Education. He has been a part of The Patton College of Education since January 2018.

He has lived in Michigan, Illinois, and New York but now resides in Athens and has done for over 25 years with his wife (Erin) and two children (Bobcats also!)   

When not advising students, Ken can be found pedaling the bike path, looking through telescopes, or rehearsing and planning interpretive programs and stage shows.  Ken is a crossword puzzle and Sudoku fiend, and teaches the Environmental Interpretation class each fall!

Ken’s Favorite Quote: 

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe” – Carl Sagan