Ohio University

About Human and Consumer Sciences


An internationally recognized community of socially responsible, interdisciplinary programs focused on positive and creative learning environments that prepare students to be global leaders who are responsive to consumer needs in diverse communities.


The Department of Human and Consumer Sciences prepares individuals to advocate for consumer well-being. Our students value mentoring, ethical leadership, social responsibility and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing diverse global environment.


  1. Community: Students will consider perspectives outside their own experiences to value their community and better understand society and culture promoting public good.
  2. Problem-Solving: Students will be able to synthesize historic and current events to creatively and critically analyze and solve contemporary problems to enhance consumer well-being in local, national, and global environments.
  3. Advocacy: Students will be able to appreciate, interpret and translate diverse perspectives to effectively communicate with and advocate for a variety of audiences.
  4. Diversity: Students will learn how to identify individual strengths within diverse backgrounds and leverage them to enhance communities.
  5. Social Responsibility: Students will develop a sense of personal and social responsibility in their roles as life-long learners within their communities and professions.
  6. Life-Long Learning: Students will be able to evaluate, adapt and respond to evolving industry and learning environments in a productive and professional manner.
  7. Reflection: Students will respond, provide and reflect upon constructive feedback to achieve continuous improvement in personal and professional endeavors.
  8. Communication: Students will be able to effectively listen, speak, write, and create visual communication.  
  9. Hands-On Experience: Students will participate in experiential learning opportunities in- and outside the classroom.
  10. Ethics: Students will uphold strong ethical standards through actions and behaviors in both personal and professional relationships.
  11. Professionalism: Students will establish and maintain professional relationships with faculty, peers, alumni, and industry leaders.