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William Larson

Assistant Professor
Educational Studies
Lindley Hall S202

William Larson, an instructor of educational administration program courses, holds the B.A. in Sociology from Heidelberg College and the M.Ed. in Educational Administration from Bowling Green State University. He then earned the Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Communications Theory from Bowling Green State University. Dr. Larson is the Coordinator of the Educational Administration Program. He also serves regularly as an advisor to educational administration program cohorts. Dr. Larson is the director of the Ohio University Leadership Project, a professional development initiative for practicing school administrators. Dr. Larson's research focuses on the preparation of aspiring and current school leaders.

Recent publications

Larson, W. (2013). A professional development project for school leaders: Including investigations of the value of the project to the participants. Association for Regional Campuses of Ohio (AURCO) Journal,(Annual Edition) 139-155.

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