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Theodore Hutchinson

Associate Professor, Educational Studies
Educational Studies
McCracken Hall 302X

Dr. Theodore J. Hutchinson holds the B.A. in Philosophy and the M.Ed. in Educational Psychology and School Counseling from the University of Washington. With the Ph.D. in Social Foundations and the Philosophy of Education from the University of Washington, Dr. Hutchinson teaches courses in the Cultural Studies in Education program. His major research interests include philosophies of education, the radical democratic community, anti-bias education, and pluralism (race, social class, gender and sexual orientation). Dr. Hutchinson also pursues scholarship using philosophical and narrative inquiry.

Most Recent Publications:

Hutchinson, J., & Hunt, J. (2008). Teaching for social justice – Teaching our children: A discussion with Susan Ohanian. Democracy & Education17(3), 4-7.

Hutchinson, J. (2005) Out of the Blue: Art is democratic. Democracy & Education15(3/4). 

Hutchinson, J. (2004). Democracy needs strangers and we are them. In A. Sidorkin & C. Bingham (Eds.), No education without relations (pp.73-90). New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Hutchinson, J. (2004). Grassroots education and the necessity of relation.Philosophical Studies in Education35, 35-44.

Hutchinson, J. (2002). Education is a revolutionary thing. In Glascock, C., & Romano, R. (Eds.), Hungry Minds in Hard Times (pp.145-164). New York: Peter Lang.

Hutchinson, J. (2002). Cracks in the mirror: Education in a fractured world. Educational Studies33(3), 317-325.
Hutchinson, J. (2001). A queasy scholar considers cultural studies. Philosophy of Education Yearbook, 2000, 383-390.

Hutchinson, J. (1999). Students on the Margins: Education, Stories, Dignity. Albany: State University of New York Press.