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Gregory D. Foley

Robert L Morton Endowed Chair
Teacher Education
McCracken Hall 321D


Dr. Greg Foley received the B.A. and M.A. degrees in Mathematics from The University of Texas at Austin and the Ph.D. in Mathematics Education also from The University of Texas at Austin. Foley currently serves as the Robert L. Morton Professor of Mathematics Education in The Patton College. He has taught basic arithmetic through graduate-level mathematics, as well as upper division and graduate-level mathematics education classes. Dr. Foley is interested in mathematics learning, mathematics teaching, and mathematics teacher preparation at all levels. His research, curriculum development, and professional development for teachers focus on incorporating technology, especially hand-held devices and associated software, into mathematics instruction in Grades 6-14. He is currently studying mathematics language acquisition as well as developing curriculum materials for a fourth-year high school capstone mathematics course.



Selected Recent Publications:

Adabor, J. K., & Foley, G. D. (2013). Shape affects the sound of a drum: Modeling area and perimeter. Ohio Journal of School Mathematics, 68, 1-6. 

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Foley, G. D., Khoshaim, H. B., Alsaeed, M., & Er, S. N. (2012). Professional development in statistics, technology, and cognitively demanding tasks: Classroom implementation and obstacles. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 43, 177-196. doi:10.1080/0020739X.2011.592616

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Foley, G. D., Strayer, J. F., & Regan, B.  (2010). High school mathematics teacher professional development in data analysis, probability, and statistics. Journal of the Research Center for Educational Technology6(2), 4–17 and three appendices.  Available at