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Aimee Howley

Educational Studies

Aimee Howley is a faculty member in the Educational Studies Department at Ohio University where she holds the rank of professor. She received a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Barnard College, a master's degree in special education from the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies/Marshall University, and a doctorate in educational leadership from West Virginia University.Her previous higher education experience included faculty appointments in the educational administration programs at Marshall University and Ohio University and chair positions in the education departments at West Virginia Institute of Technology and the University of Charleston. She served as Associate Dean in Marshall University's and Ohio University's colleges of education. Prior to working in higher education, Dr. Howley was a special education teacher and administrator in the Jackson County Schools in West Virginia. Dr. Howley's research explores the intersection between social context and educational practice; and she has used both quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate a wide range of questions relating to rural education, educational reform, school leadership, school size, and gifted education. Dr. Howley has authored or co-authored five books, numerous book chapters, and more than 50 refereed journal articles. Her most recent co-authored book, Thinking About Schools: New Theories and Innovative Practice (2007) applies contemporary theories to the practical dilemmas of school leadership.

Selected Recent Publications

Rader-Brown, L., & Howley, A. (In press). Predictors of the instructional strategies that elementary school teachers use with English language learners. Teachers College Record.

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