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Ginger Weade

Professor, Teacher Education
Teacher Education
McCracken Hall 309G

Dr. Ginger Weade holds the B.S. in Education from Ohio University, and the M.Ed. from The Ohio State University.She completed the Ph.D. in Education at The Ohio State University.Dr. Weade teaches courses in Methods of Teaching Social Studies, as well as courses in Action Research, Portfolio Development, and Special Topic at the master's and doctoral levels.Dr. Weade is Program Coordinator for the Advanced Master's in Curriculum and Instruction ~ Online.Her primary research interests are in studies of teaching, teacher preparation, classroom processes, instructional design, portfolio development, and action research.Prior research explored the social and discursive practices of everyday life and learning in classrooms, through sociolinguistic and ethnographic perspectives.

Recent Publications:

Howley, M.D.. Howley, A., Henning, J.E., Gillam, M.B. & Weade, G.(2013). Intersecting domains of assessment knowledge: School typologies based on interviews with teachers. Journal of Educational Assessment, 8(1), 26-48.

Henning, J. E., Dani, D. E., Weade, G. (2012).The discourse and reflections of teacher candidates during an early field experience.The New Educator, 8(4), 283-307.

Henning, J., Weade, G., Geist, G. (2011).Using design thinking to turn Teacher Education "Upside Down": Implementing NCATE's Blue Ribbon Panel Report. The Ohio Journal of Teacher Education, 24(2), 31-36.

Middleton, R.A., & Weade, G. Laboratory Schools. (2010).In T. Hunt, J. Carper, T. Lasley, & C. Raisch (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Educational Reform and Dissent. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Advanced Degree Students Recently Completed:

2012 Winarti, Ph.D. Eny. School-level curriculum: Learning from a rural school in Indonesia.Chair.

2011Karmila Macmud, Ph.D.The Integration of Technology in a Decentralized Curriculum Setting: The Case of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Instruction in Indonesia.Chair.

2011Kayla Shinew, Ph.D.Entry-level Athletic Trainers' Perceived Adequacy of Clinical Education in Preparation for Confident Professional Practice.Chair