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Renée A. Middleton

Renée A.  Middleton
Dean Emerita

Dr. Renée A. Middleton is the immediate past Dean of Ohio University's Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education and Human Services.

During her 15 year tenure as dean, Dr. Middleton was responsible for the nine centers housed within the College, numerous community partnerships, and the professional development schools that shape the education experience of approximately 1,800 undergraduate and 1,200 graduate students. Prior to assuming the deanship in August 2006, Dr. Middleton served as the director of research, human resource development and outreach for Auburn University's College of Education in Auburn, Alabama.

Dr. Middleton is a tenured professor of Counselor Education with 29 years of teaching experience. She has been integral in procuring and administering research and outreach grants that total over $1.4 million. She has contributed to several book chapters and monographs and coauthored over 25 peer-reviewed articles. Her research focuses on racial identity theory, its development, and its association to multicultural counseling competency. Dr. Middleton's research interests also include disability policy issues, education and workforce diversity, and aging and disability.

Dean Middleton received the B.S. in Speech and Hearing from Andrews University, the M.A. in Clinical Audiology from the University of Tennessee, and the Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Administration from Auburn University.

Most Recent Publications:

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