Ohio University

Student Spotlight: Spencer Kummer

Spencer Kummer, a junior Integrated Language Arts major, is a student assistant football coach for the Ohio Football Program.

Kummer has been working with the program since his freshman year when he was given a position as a volunteer student filmer. After two seasons, he was promoted to his current status. 

“I played football throughout middle school and high school. When I knew I was coming to OU, I wanted to continue with the game and move on to a coaching career in the future,” said the Canton, Ohio, native.

As a student filmer, Kummer’s job was to record the team’s games and practices. Now, as a student assistant coach, he has more on his plate.

“My responsibilities are to help break down film, assist with coaching, and set up drills. During games, I am in charge of signaling the play call to our defense. There are many tasks to this job, but those are just to name a few,” said Kummer.

Through his positions with the OHIO Football team, Kummer has traveled for three major bowl games: the 2016 Dollar General Bowl, the 2017 Bahamas Bowl, and the 2018 Frisco Bowl.

After graduating from college, Kummer eventually wants to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become a principal. First, he is planning to become a Graduate Assistant football coach at a university while he obtains his master's degree in Educational Administration.

After that, Kummer sees himself settling down and getting a job at a high school, where he wants to teach language arts, coach the football team, and eventually move into an administrative position. 

“I grew up watching my mom teach and be a principal, and seeing the impact that she had on students made me want to have that same impact,” said Kummer. “There are so many opportunities within education, and I dream to make a difference within the classroom and in the community to help young people grow into something special.”

For now, though, Kummer is enjoying his time at Ohio University and says his time here has been an “unforgettable experience.” In the fall semester of 2018, he made The Patton College of Education’s Dean’s List. 

“Ohio University has provided me with many exemplary opportunities,” said Kummer. “These accomplishments have all made my time at Ohio University something that I’ll never forget, and each opportunity has been a significant stepping stone in my growing as a person.”