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Patton College of Education Center for Technology and Online Programs

Project Room Reservations

The project rooms are located on the second floor of Patton Hall. These are for Patton College student use only, and are for group collaboration. Project rooms cannot be reserved for individual studying. Faculty may reserve seminar rooms or use department collaboration spaces within their office suites.

Project Room Policies

  • Reservations must be placed by filling out the online form.
  • A valid Ohio University email address is required to reserve a project room, and your major must be within The Patton College.
  • Please reserve your room at least 12 hours before you wish to use it in order to ensure the CTOP has time to review your request.
  • Once your reservation has been approved, you will receive notification by email, and will need to stop by the CTOP front desk to have staff unlock the room.
  • Please note there must be a minimum occupancy (2 people) for each room before making your request. Reservations not meeting the occupancy requirements may be denied during times when there is heavy demand.
  • All food and drink must be cleaned up before you leave the room so it is ready for the next user. You will be charged a fee if cleanup/maintenance is required after your reservation is complete.
  • You must shut off the lights and lock the door when you leave.

Due to the size of the room and COVID protocols, Project Rooms cannot be reserved at this time.  An announcement will be made when the rooms can be reserved.  

Student Equipment Rentals

We no longer rent out equipment to students or organizations that are not part of The Patton College.

Requests for long-term laptop rentals for graduate students must originate with their faculty advisor otherwise students will be asked to use Patton Hall computer labs. 

Rental room

PCOE Faculty Equipment & Lab Rentals

Only Patton College faculty and staff are permitted to reserve items for classes or presentations ahead of time. 

If you wish to reserve Patton Hall 238, please create an appointment in Outlook and invite OU-MCCR-238-CONF to the meeting.  Please include the course ID in the subject line of the request. Your request will be reviewed for lab availability.

PCOE Website

Faculty, if you are requesting your bio information to be updated, the changes must first be sent to Dr. David Nguyen for approval before they can add them to the website.  If you need changes to your web page, please consult the web editors in your department.  Web Guidelines are available to help with page setup.


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