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Dr. Tommie Radd Professorship in School Counselor Education


Dr. Tommie Radd

Dr. Tommie Radd, a forward-thinking educational leader, and researcher established the Dr. Tommie Radd Professorship in School Counselor Education with Ohio University in 2020 to further her pioneering work in school counseling. Housed in the Department of Counseling and Higher Education in The Patton College of Education, the Radd Professorship provides the counseling faculty member who holds the professorship with annual research funding and other financial support and intellectual property to allow Dr. Radd’s scholarly work to be shared with school systems.



Christine Bhat

Dr. Christine Suniti Bhat, Professor of Counselor Education at Ohio University, was named the first Dr. Tommie Radd Professor of School Counseling in 2021.

Together with Dr. Radd, Dr. Bhatt will be working to expand and enhance the Grow With Guidance (GWG) Educational Systems Model, created by Dr. Tommie Radd, which can be utilized by school districts wishing to incorporate school-wide systemic developmental school counseling programs to build life skills. As part of the Professorship, complimentary consultation to school districts interested in implementing this system is offered through Ohio University’s Department of Counseling and Higher Education.


The Grow With Guidance (GWG) System


The GWG System can be easily aligned with the ASCA National Model. The GWG System by design creates a process grounded in multidisciplinary best practice and is integrated within the heart of the classroom and school/district. The GWG System includes the Educational System Foundation and the Schoolhouse Model.

The GWG System:

  • is available for primary, intermediate, middle, and high school levels
  • is the foundation for an inviting school climate
  • has various formulas to address the challenges schools face
  • comes with all materials needed to implement and evaluate it in schools
  • includes all the standards, benchmarks, indicators, performance observation/evaluation strategies, evaluations, and forms
  • includes two diagnostic instruments, the CANA and ITS, which provide evaluation information
  • provides Instrument and Report Service by the George E. Hill Center at Ohio University, which makes generating the diagnostic information from these instruments a snap

Ohio University's Department of Counseling and Higher Education provides assistance and consultation to school districts implementing the program. 

For More Information

For information on how you can implement the Grow with Guidance system in your school, please contact:

Dr. Christine Suniti Bhat
Professor of Counselor Education
The Patton College of Education
Ohio University