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Travel Awards for Teacher Candidates

Supporting Clinical Experiences, Experiential Learning, and diversified settings
The Patton College of Education is committed to placing teacher candidates in a variety of classroom settings. This sometimes requires students to travel outside of the Athens community. To help mitigate those travel costs, Dean Middleton is offering two types of travel awards. 

The Rural/Urban Collaborative Travel Award - One core value of The Patton College of Education is embracing diversity. The Rural/Urban Collaborative is a manifestation of that value. It is intended to best prepare teacher candidates for a career in education by fostering a deeper awareness of how to examine, understand, and assess a variety of cultural experiences and issues based on gender, race, social class, and geographic locality. Dean Middleton offers a one-time $25 travel award to Athens Campus students who must travel to Columbus City Schools to participate in this experience.

Professional Internship- The professional internship, the capstone experience in the teacher education program, requires daily travel to a placement school. Some professional interns will be sent to schools outside of the immediate area. To ease the cost, Dean Middleton is providing a one-time $50 travel award for interns who must drive more than 30 miles to reach their placement sites. The distance is calculated by MapQuest from McCracken Hall to the placement school, or for regional campus students, from the professional intern's home to the school site.