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Office of Communication & Design

The Patton College Communication and Design Office produces the Athenaeum alumni magazine, the Annual Report, and the Educator online newsletter.

In addition, the office plays a role in college-wide marketing, including advertising placement and maintenance of the college’s graphic identity. The following lists provide a more complete description of the communication and design office’s responsibilities and services:

  • Maintains standards for The Patton College’s visual identity—the appropriate use of college logos—and the digital files of the various logos and marks
  • Works with other University offices, including UCM, the President’s Office, and Advancement, to promote the College through external and internal media
  • Produces Athenaeum alumni magazine—writes features, gathers news and photos, edits, does design and layout, arranges for printing
  • Produces the College’s Annual Report—writes features, gathers news and photos, edits, does design and layout, arranges for printing
  • Produces the Educator—writes features, gathers photos, publishes online
  • Produces print publications for College clients—gathers copy and photos, edits copy, does design and layout, arranges for printing
  • Produces videos for College clients—advises on length and structure, works with clients on script and interview scheduling, tapes interviews, gathers photos, edits footage, and finalizes video
  • Provides artwork and copy for College advertising
  • Maintains files—digital artwork, physical files of actual pieces, and spreadsheet files of key data—of completed print projects
  • Writes articles and press releases on noteworthy College events and achievements
  • Schedules photography of College events, faculty headshots, students, and classes as needed, and maintains photography database
  • Produces e-board announcements


Procedures & FORMS



Kim Barlag
Communication and Design Specialist
The Patton College of Education

McCracken Hall 102O
(740) 593-9586