Ohio University

Special Clinical Opportunities

Special Clinical Programming Opportunities


Rural Urban Collaborative

  Rural/Urban Collaborative

 The RUC seeks to integrate teacher preparation with schools, communities and their leaders. It offers an exciting opportunity for all sophomores and      juniors in the Department of Teacher Education to complete a field experience in an urban school setting.  For more information, contact Mindy Rutherford



Child Development Center(CDC)

 Child Development Center

 The CDC is the early childhood laboratory with The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education. As one of the only centers in the area that  serves children ages six weeks to five years, it serves as a model for best practices in Southeastern Ohio. For more information, contact Lisa Frasure.


Professional Development School Partnerships


Center for Clinical Practice in Education

The Center proudly presents many active Professional Development School Partnerships for teacher preparation and professional development. Partnerships recruit prospective teachers seeking licensure in a variety of licensure areas.  For more information, contact Marcy Keifer-Kennedy.


Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching(COST)


Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching

Students have the opportunity to experience different perspectives and ways of being in the world; students can experience cultural immersion without needing prior fluency in a foreign language.  For more information, contact Frans Doppen.