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Graduate Workshops (ND8170)


The Patton College of Education has developed six online professional development courses to support P-12 teachers who are currently hosting teacher candidates and/or interns in their classrooms, or who plan to do so in the near future. These courses can be taken for course credit at the rate of $130 per credit hour plus fees. Each course runs for 6-7 weeks. They are worth 1 graduate credit hour each which can be used for re-licensure, but NOT towards an Ohio University degree program.  As part of the new Professional Development Compensation Model for Mentor Teachers, P-12 educators who regularly host professional interns through The Patton College of Education are eligible to take these online professional development courses for free. 

To apply, please read the tips below and then complete our online application. Once admitted, students will receive registration instructions.  

  • In the application form on the Program Selection page (page 2), enter ND8170 into the search box and select it.
  • On page 3, Application Information, select "workshop/post-baccalaureate" for the question "application type".
  • Ohio-licensed teachers can provide their teaching license in lieu of a transcript - but you still need to provide the school where you completed your bachelor's degree.
  • Select Athens as your campus.




Note:  If you have already applied and been admitted, please visit  Course Offerings to search for the classes offered for the current term.  You should use the Class No. in the fourth column to enroll through your My OHIO Student Center.  Your admission is good for six years.

If you have been admitted, but have not taken courses every semester, you may need to complete a re-enrollment form before you can register.

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Summer 2018-19

PCOE 5902 - Supporting Ohio’s Continuum of Teacher Development (1 credit hour)

This online professional development workshop is an introduction to mentoring, designed to support cooperating teachers and building administrators, who are actively involved in the mentoring of pre-service teacher candidates. The workshop is comprised of three self-paced modules, designed to assist mentors in the preparation of teacher candidates during early field, clinical field, and/or the professional internship. Based on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession, the Continuum describes teachers’ progression throughout the course of their careers. The Modules and overarching topics follow:

Module I: Mentoring 101
Module II: Mentoring Across the Continuum
Module III: Developmental Mentoring Styles

PCOE 5903 - Mentoring Teacher Candidates (1 credit hour)

During this workshop, teachers will examine various approaches to mentoring field experiences for teacher candidates. Discussions will address topics such as planning and goal setting, getting teacher candidates involved, and encouraging reflection. In addition, the requirements of different field experiences will be discussed. Finally, special attention will be given to the utilization of teacher candidates to increase instructional opportunities for students and personal growth opportunities for teachers. The Modules and overarching topics follow:

Module I: Planning and Setting Goals
Module II: Getting Teacher Candidates Involved
Module III: Encouraging Reflection

For more information, contact:

Lisa S. Dael
Online and Outreach Programs Coordinator
225D McCracken Hall