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TIME Mentor Training

Initial Mentor Training:

All mentors need to initially view a series of training videos that include the mentoring skills model, as well as tips for becoming a good mentor. The list of files below requires Windows Media Player to play. All videos appear courtesy of The Mentoring Group. Mentor training videos are facilitated by Dr. Linda Phillips-Jones. For more information, visit their website.
Mentors must complete the “Mentor Training Video Worksheet” when viewing each video, which must be submitted to the Upward Bound office for review. Once this is complete, mentors will receive notification of their match with an Upward Bound student so that communication may begin.
  • Video 1 – Introduction
  • Video 2 – Mentoring Skills Model
  • Video 3 – Mentor Specific Skills
  • Video 4 – Tips and Best Practices

Mentor Information and Ongoing Training:

  • Email #1: The initial connection
  • Let's be friendly! (but not too friendly)
  • Building Your Mentoring Relationship
  • Topics For Discussion

Monthly Contact Logs:

Mentors are required to submit a “Monthly Contact Log” in order to better track the progress of the mentor/mentee relationship. These are to be submitted at the beginning of each month, and include a brief description of all contact with the mentee during that time period.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Ariana Bovell at