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Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement and Participation
Parents with children enrolled are welcome to visit the Center at any time. Parents who need assistance with problems or concerns should talk with the classroom Master Teachers, Assistant Director, or Director. In addition to informal methods of communication between parents and staff, the Center also provides formal avenues of communication such as parent and teacher conference and home visit.

Center Orientation: Upon acceptance into the Center, the Assistant Director will schedule individual meetings with all new families to discuss the Center's philosophy and policies. Families will be introduced to the child’s classroom teachers, as well as tour the entire Center. Children can visit the Center prior to enrolling if accompanied by a parent.

Parent Advisory Board: A Parent Advisory Board is formed annually. Members include a parent representative and an alternate from each classroom, as well as a staff representative, the Assistant Director, and the Director. Meetings are held monthly throughout the school year. The meetings are open to all parents and staff members.


Open House: An open house is held in early September to allow staff and parents to get acquainted. Individual classroom discussions allow Master Teachers to explain the particular guidelines of his or her classroom. At that time, parent representatives to the Parent Advisory Board are selected.

Parent Education: Ongoing parent education is available through discussion with the Master Teachers, bi-annual classroom meetings and other session or meetings as deemed appropriate.

Bi-Annual Classroom Meetings: Each Fall and Spring, classrooms have a classroom meeting. These meetings are informal or activity based, based on the needs of the classroom.  They allow information to be shared between Master Teachers, Professional Interns and families about curriculum, philosophy, educational goals, classroom projects and children’s interests, etc. Parents are encouraged to attend.

Parent Conferences: The classroom teachers offer parent and teacher conferences and home visits each quarter. Two conferences per child per year are required by accreditation regulations; however, additional conferences may be scheduled as questions or concerns arise.

Parent Visits: Parents are encouraged to visit the Center at any time during the day. Parents should feel free to observe, interact with their child or take the child out of the Center for lunch, etc. We also encourage parents to visit their child’s classroom at any time and to share skills or talents with the children – woodworking, cooking, etc. Such involvement can be arranged by talking with the classroom Master Teachers. When arriving to visit or observe it is requested that parents notify the classroom teacher of their presence. C1

Parent Rosters: Names and telephone numbers of parents who wish to be included on a parent roster are available upon request to the Director. The roster will be shared only with parents of children at the Center if parent has given written permission to do so. In accordance with state licensing guidelines, the names of children do NOT appear on the roster.

Parent Evaluation of the Center: Parents are encouraged to provide ongoing feedback regarding the Center’s program to classroom teachers or a Center Director. Parents are also given the opportunity to complete a program evaluation form each spring quarter.

Procedure for Discussing Parental Concerns: Parents are encouraged to discuss concerns about the Center or concerns about their child’s classroom with the Directors by either stopping by the office or making an appointment to address the concern. Parents can also email Lisa Frasure, director, ( or Kristin Mazzeo Barron, assistant director ( It is additionally encouraged for parents to also address concerns with their child’s classroom teacher by asking for a parent conference or home visit. Staff will work with the parents schedule to set up a time that works for all concerned.

Center Garden: Interested families are urged to become involved in the Center garden. The garden is a year round experience with most of the work occurring in the spring and fall. Families are encouraged to be part of this experience by volunteering for the following:

  • Help with Garden Work Day
  • Assist in organizing documentation of the garden experience
  • Help with the yearly Garden Party
  • Help with building structures for the garden
  • Donate materials such as seeds and plants
  • Weed the garden on weekends or in the evening

Magical Moments: Each semester, we strive to provide children with extra experiences that we may be unable to provide on a daily basis at the Center. Some of these experiences might be related to music, art, dance, etc. If a parent has a special talent or knows someone that does, we would encourage them to share the talent with children of the Center as part of the Magical Moment series. Please contact your Master Teachers, the Director or Assistant Director, if you are interested.


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