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Special Education

Alexander School District


What is unique about Alexander School District?

  • Includes an elementary school that serves over 700 students in grades K- 6 and junior/high school that serves over 780 students in grades 7 -12
  • Inclusive classroom experiences
  • Services to students with a wide variety of educational needs including:
    • Multiple disabilities services
    • Sensory integration resources
    • Enrichment opportunities for accelerated learners

Opportunities for Candidates

  • Work with intervention specialists to assist in delivery specially designed instruction
  • Work with intervention specialist and general education teachers in inclusive learning environments
  • Develop and teach lessons that differentiate instruction for learners with a wide range of needs
  • Use pre and post assessment data to monitor learner growth and guide selection of instructional methods.
  • Experience assisting with, and creating, a variety of classroom activities
  • Observe, and be mentored by, experienced mentor teachers and Ohio University clinical educators Connect theory learned in OHIO methods classes to a clinical setting
  • Participate in research opportunities that can include using the Bug In The Ear (BITE) coaching technology to assist candidates when teaching.


School Contact Information

Dr. Sandra Clonch

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

6091 Ayers Rd.

Albany, OH 45710


University Contact Information

Dr. Karen Oswald

Faculty Coordinator and Clinical Educator

309J McCracken Hall 

Athens, OH 45701