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Morrison-Gordon Elementary


What is unique about Morrison Gordon Elementary?

  • Morrison-Gordon serves over 400 students from grades K-6Inclusive classroom experiences
  • Services to students with a wide variety of educational needs including:
    • Multi-handicapped services
    • Learning disability adaptive resources
    • Enrichment opportunities for accelerated learners
  • Experienced staff committed to the success of all learners
  • Early intervention in the area of language and literacy
  • Building classroom community, fostering self-esteem, and promoting a positive learning environment pedagogy
  •  The Responsive Classroom Approach is practiced in the K-3 classrooms, creating an atmosphere that encourages both academic and social growth.

Opportunities for Candidates

  • Work with Language Tool-Kit, conducting small group reading/writing interventions to those students struggling with early literacy concepts
  • Conduct and analyze a variety of reading assessments in order to gather data for use by classroom teachers
  • Observe, and be mentored by, experienced teachers utilizing Responsive Classroom philosophies
  • Experience assisting with, and creating, a variety of classroom activities/lessons at differing grade levels (K-3)
  • Connect theory learned in OHIO methods classes to a clinical setting


For more information please contact:

Lesley Michigan
Teacher Liaison

Lesley Michigan
Faculty Coordinator