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CARE Reflections

clip_image001_0002Mate Masie = "What I hear, I keep"

The implied meaning of the phrase is “I understand.” Understanding means wisdom and knowledge, but it also represents the prudence of taking into consideration what another person has said.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

CARE seniors were asked this question: How has the CARE program prepared you to become an active and reflective educator?

Their responses:

"The CARE program has given me the opportunity to be placed in the schools and see not only democratic classrooms, but traditional ones also. This has given me the opportunity to see all other aspects of teaching and learning in a school. The field experiences have helped me to realize that I truly want to become a teacher. Through spending so many years in the classroom before I graduate, I feel confident about my first teaching position. The education the CARE program gave me was extremely beneficial and I'm ready to create my democratic classroom!" - Jessica Mahorney

"The CARE program has been able to open my mind to more progressive techniques of teaching, such as cooperative and expeditionary learning. Through the program, I have been better able to see how some students succeed while others fail, and what part the teacher plays in these outcomes for their students." -Michael Stanley

"The CARE program has prepared me to become an active and reflective educator by teaching in ways that mirror the democratic practices that we are constantly learning. We have created a community within CARE that enables us to feel safe to take risks and really push the boundaries of learning. Along with this comes the many hours that we have been granted inside the schools; if it was not for this we would not be able to practice the methods that we have been learning (such as expeditionary learning via 'The Coal Project'). All of this has taught us the valuable lesson that we have to be both teachers and learners." - Amanda Capalbo

"I think that the CARE program has posed many critical questions in my mind that I would not have been made aware of had I been a part of the traditional education program. My eyes have opened to the injustices within our educational system and the CARE program has given me a desire to work towards creating change and also helping students to rise up and create change for themselves." - Denise Bunsey

"The CARE program has changed my life as a person, a citizen, and most importantly, as an educator. My mind has been opened and challenged in ways I never expected. My experience in the classrooms over the past three years has given me the opportunity to see my future world before I am even out of college. As I approach student teaching, I feel confident and prepared, yet I continue to learn and question every single day. I have learned the power of knowledge, reflection, questioning, and voice." - Amy Medved

"The CARE program has prepared me to become an active, reflective educator in so many ways. I have learned, researched, and experienced various methods and theories throughout my three years. I have gained valuable knowledge by being an active student in community classrooms, not just a passive student listening to professor's lectures. My eyes have been opened to democratic education and the need for it in the schools across America. I believe that when I graduate, I will be more advanced in the education field than the traditional O.U. education student because of the CARE program. I am thankful for the opportunity and privilege to be able to participate in the CARE program." - Mary Suchy

"CARE has enabled me to challenge the existing education system and think in a much broader sense. I have learned how I want to teach, how I want to be treated, and how I want to treat my students. I have learned to incorporate many different methods for different learning styles. I learned that one of the most important things I can do is help create a community in my classroom/school where everyone feels valued and safe. The existing system is lacking and I feel that good teachers can change so much. CARE has enabled me to see democratic education in action. I have internalized and prioritized such terms of democratic education, student-centered, project-based, hands-on, reflective, etc." - Robyn Moser

"The CARE program, through experience, philosophy, and multiple perspectives, has helped me to become a successful educator. Through the program I have spent countless hours in the classroom, practicing and observing democratic techniques that I have learned through the program. The CARE program has nurtured my desire to give back to the community, and be an active member of the community. Furthermore, the CARE program has given me the power to want to change traditional ways, and help create a better, more significant atmosphere for our children." - Adam Wilson

"For the past three years, the CARE program has been positively preparing me to be an active and reflective educator. I have has three years of hands-on democratic education. I have been in the schools weekly watching different students interact with different teachers. I have observed in six different classrooms, all of which were different levels. I have become close with my cooperating teacher; thus, I feel prepared entering into my winter quarter student teaching. The C.A.R.E program has given me the opportunity to be a part of the teaching world. As I enter into my student teaching, I am excited and determined that I will be and active and reflective educator."
Heidi Holick

"The CARE program has provided me with the tools to be an active and reflective educator in that it has taught me the importance of active learning in a student-centered classroom, as well as the value of exploration and engagement by the students. I have learned the meaning of group work and challenging students - and the harmful effects of passive learning. I think it is important for students to be involved and in charge of their own learning, and presenting their ideas to the class is important for them to gain an understanding of their concepts being studied, as in mathematics. Group work and discussion enhances students' knowledge and allows the students to learn from each other." - Eva Conrad

"Talking with other education majors I have realized how much more CARE has prepared me to actually teach students. I've written more lesson plans and thematic units, which gives me more practice with trial and error. I've dealt with more students and actual teachers to experience what it's really like beyond college. This program has taught me so much more than just being a teacher, it has taught me who I am as that teacher." -Carly Bartemes

"CARE has given me more than any other normal education class could have. I have been in the classroom for over 1,000 hours. I have gained more experience and knowledge than I could ever imagine. The CARE program has taught me how to put the children first and other alternatives to traditional teaching. Throughout the last two years, I have gained so much from my colleagues and my teachers. We have formed a cohort that I encourage others to join." - Kelly Castro

"The CARE program has helped me to become an active and reflective educator by countless hours of experience, learning alternate types of assessment, and discussions regarding bias in education. Equipped with knowledge of many facets of education, I feel more able to create a community in my classroom, teach democratically, and exert fairness to my students in regards to assessment and treatment." - Lori McGinnis

"When I entered the CARE program, I had no idea what I was getting into. I could already tell from winter quarter of my sophomore ear what a valuable experience I had already gained. To be put in a placement classroom so early in college prepared me to teach under any circumstance. CARE rid me of public speaking fright and any shyness. It taught me how to civilly fight with friends and not walk away mad. CARE has taught me to accept all people, including all people and never look away to the racial and gender indifferences that is all around. I now think before I speak thanks to CARE It has opened my eyes to many educational problems and made me never want to be the teacher that hates her job." - Kristen Mantuffel

"The experience I have been able to have with children in the schools for the past two years has been the most important thing I have gotten out of CARE I feel that working with children and gaining a comfort level in a classroom before having my own classroom is the key. CARE has been meaningful to me because I have been able to learn how to be not only a reflective educator, but a reflective person as well. CARE has prepared me to understand what teaching is really about and that is the children and how to prepare our future citizens for the world. I could not see my life through college without being a part of this program. I admit times were shaky when it came to scheduling, and the amount of work we were expected to do from quarter to quarter, but trust me, it was worth every second." - Kristen Hawke