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CARE Faculty

The faculty who teach in the CARE program are university professors and K-12 teachers. As you would expect, each faculty member varies in her or his style of teaching and understanding of democratic education, but all who teach in this program are committed to the broad themes of democratic education. Students will benefit from the variety of approaches, styles and outlooks as this will assist them in developing their own philosophy of democratic education.

  • Bill Elasky, CARE Faculty Co-Coordinator Bill is a retired teacher and a current Board of Education member from Federal Hocking Local Schools in eastern Athens County. He is a one of the original founders of the CARE program and a practitioner and strong advocate for democratic education. Bill teaches several CARE courses and facilitates the onsite programs at Federal Hocking Local schools.
  • Cindy Hartman, CARE Faculty Co-Coordinator Cindy is a retired school administrator and current faculty member at Ohio University. She is one of the original founders of the CARE program while serving as principal of Amesville Elementary and facilitates the university connections with Federal Hocking Local Schools. Cindy also teaches and supervises graduate students working in Educational Administration.

The K-12 teachers are:

  • Kizzi Elmore Clark - teaches English, Humanities, and Literature and Research at Federal Hocking High School and EDCR 201C and EDCR 210, 210L at Ohio University. She is especially interested in school and classroom restructuring in order to create new opportunities for students and teachers. Her love for horses and family occupy her out of school time. She is one of the founders of the CARE Program.
  • Vicki Korner – recently retired from teaching special education in an inclusive classroom at Chauncey Elementary. Her CARE course examines the cultural and social dimensions of schooling for preschool to 3rd grade students. She teaches CARE course EDCR 201A.

Other university and local school faculty may teach CARE courses on a rotating basis. All instructors have a strong foundation and commitment to Democratic Education.