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CARE Courses

Information about the CARE courses is given below.

Course Sequence


Fall Quarter

Winter Quarter

Spring Quarter


EDCR 101 (4)
EDCR 101L (2)
EDCR 201A (4)
EDPL 360 (2)

EDCR 210 (4)
EDCR 210L (2)
EDCR 201B (4)
EDPL 360 (2)

EDSP 271 (4)
EDCR 201C (4)
EDPL 360 (2)
EDIC 205 (5)


EDCR 310
EDTE 310L (2)
EDTE 325 (4)

methods courses as applicable*
EDTE 420 (4)

EDCR 492K (2)
EDPL 360 (2)
EDCT 203 (4)
EDTE 421 (4)

( Reading sequence required for Middle Childhood Licensure only)**


EDCS 301 (4)
EDPL 360 (2)

EDPL 360 (2)
methods courses as appropriate


*CARE students register for methods courses on their own. For MC licensure, methods courses are offered only during Winter Quarter. For AYA or other K-12 licensures, students should check with their specific program for planning.
**The Reading Sequence is required ONLY of the MC licensure. There will be a CARE dedicated section of the reading sequence for the quarter indicated.

"We must be the change we wish to see in the world." --Mahatma Gandhi

  • All CARE students must meet the qualifications for Professional Education and Advanced Standing in The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education. Please make sure to attend the appropriate meetings and turn in your application when appropriate. You will also need to apply for student teaching when appropriate. Please make sure to mark clearly on any of your applications that you are a CARE student.
  • All CARE courses noted above are "by permission only" so you will be registered for them by the CARE staff. Your responsibility is to hold open the times for the applicable CARE coursework and then make sure your registration comes through in a timely manner.
  • Leave the times open for the applicable CARE courses, but then fill in the rest of your schedule with courses from our teaching field concentrations, and other university requirements as needed.

Course Descriptions
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