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Patton College of Education Graduate Assistantships

Policy for Awarding Associateships (With Tuition Scholarships) To Graduate Students


Applications for associateships will be accepted from prospective graduate students who are applying for admission to a program in the Department of Educational Studies OR graduate students currently enrolled in such a program. A student who has already received two years of support as a graduate associate in the Department of Educational Studies is ineligible to apply for additional support.


In selecting graduate associates the Department will show preference for: (1) students whose skills match needs for particular sorts of work within the Department, (2) doctoral students, and (3) students with excellent records of academic performance.

Application Deadline

Applications are due on or before March 15 of the year prior to the one for which support is being sought.

Counselor education students may apply for a Graduate Appointment (GA) in the Department of Counseling and Higher Education. 

GA Application Process

The application process for master’s degree study in College Student Personnel requires the following:

  1. Review the list of available graduate assistantships posted on  Click on the STUDENT JOBS link to see currently available assistantships for your application year. 
  2. Apply to up to seven (7) available graduate assistantships. The faculty strongly encourage students to apply to a minimum of five (5) available positions. 
  3. Students will be notified about the status of their graduate assistantship applications in early January. At that time, students will be extended offers to interview for positions they may have applied. 
  4. Initial offers for Graduate Assistantship positions will be extended by early March annually.
  5. Read through our 2022-23 CSP Assistantship Information Packet for more details about our program and process from this past academic year.

Example Interview Weekend Day(s) Schedule

Monday – Thursday (early February)

Virtual Interviews for Graduate Assistantships (Scheduled by Unit Supervisors) 

Friday (end of February)


Evening Welcome Event @ 5:00pm 

Sponsored by The Division of Student Affairs and collaborating graduate assistant supervisor units 


Evening Welcome Event @ 6:30pm 

Sponsored by Student Personnel Association (graduate student organization)

Saturday (end of February)

Welcome Breakfast with Higher Education & Student Affairs Faculty  

8:00am – 10:00am 


Graduate Assistantship Interviews (30 minutes each) 

11:00am – 5:00pm 


Box Lunches Provided (offered during breaks in interviews)  

11:00am – 1:00pm 

Graduate Assistantships

The mission of the Department of Recreation and Sport Pedagogy (RSP) is to improve wellbeing and happiness through inclusive recreation and leisure, physical education, and physical activity and sport coaching. This mission is achieved through high-quality education, scholarship, and service to the university, community and related professions.

The Department of Recreation and Sport Pedagogy at Ohio University is seeking qualified candidates to fill graduate assistantship opportunities within the Physical Activity & Wellness (PAW) Program and the Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies (PRLS) Program. These positions are open to students while pursuing a Master of Science degree in one of two program areas. Those program areas include the Coaching Education and Parks, Recreation & Leisure Studies Graduate Programs.  

Students pursuing a graduate degree in either Coaching Education or Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies can apply for graduate teaching assistantships (GTA). More information on each of these positions, detailed qualifications, and application requirements can be found on the Recreation & Sports Pedagogy Graduate Assistantships page.

Applications received by February 1st receive priority and are reviewed following admissions decisions. 

Applying for Funding

Prospective students applying for admission or students currently enrolled in graduate programs in the Department of Teacher Education who are seeking departmental funding assistance should complete the TE Graduate Funding Application.

Funding is not automatically renewed each year. Current students seeking funding must reapply annually by March 1 preceding the academic year for which funding is sought.

Funding Opportunities

The Department of Teacher Education offers Graduate Assistantships (GA) and Graduate Recruitment Scholarships (GRS).

Graduate Assistantships (GA)

General GAs

The department has a limited number of GAs available each academic year. The department awards these positions and assigns you to work with 1-2 faculty members for a combined 20 hours per week. Once awarded to a doctoral student, the Department aims to continue to provide the GA for 6 semesters total. For master’s students a GA is typically only offered for 2 semesters. GAs include a full tuition waiver ($4,094.00 each Fall and Spring). Additionally, for doctoral students a GA includes an $15,500 annual stipend and for master’s students a GA includes a $13,000 annual stipend (distributed bimonthly during Fall and Spring semesters). Students must be registered for 12 hours in each of Fall and Spring semesters and 9 hours in Summer. Tuition waivers are available for summer semesters (if a student requests one by March 1), but the stipend will not continue into summer.

Grant-funded GAs

The lead investigator of each grant selects students for these positions and students work with faculty involved in that grant for 20 hours per week. These types of positions are dependent on grant funding, so we do not always know how many will be available in advance of each academic year. Information about availability of grant-funded GAs will be shared via email as it becomes available. Grant-funded GAs include a full tuition waiver ($4,094.00 each Fall and Spring) and $15,500 annual stipend (distributed bimonthly during Fall and Spring semesters). Students must be registered for 12 hours in Fall and Spring and 9 hours in summer. Tuition waivers are available for summer semesters. The stipend may or may not continue into summer, depending on the stipulations of the particular grant (check with faculty lead investigator who awarded the GA to be certain).

GA Funding

  Tuition Waiver Amount Stipend Minimum Credit Hours Work Hours
Fall/Spring $4,094 per semester

$7,750 per semester for doctoral students

$6,500 per semester for master's students

12 per semester 20 hours/week each semester
Summer Available if requested by March 1 None 9 None

Graduate Recruitment Scholarships (GRS)

The department has a limited number of GRSs and awards them to students on annual basis (the department cannot promise to continue these beyond one academic year at a time). Students awarded a GRS are assigned to work with a faculty member for 5 hours per week. These include a partial tuition waiver ($3,119.00 each Fall and Spring) and $975 stipend in for each semester (Fall and Spring). Students must be registered for 12 hours in each of Fall and Spring. There is no requirement for summer enrollment though tuition waivers are available for summer semesters if a student requests a summer tuition waiver by March 1.

  Tuition Waiver Amount Stipend Minimum Credit Hours Work Hours
Fall/Spring $3,119 per semester $975 per semester 12 per semester 5 hours/week each semester
Summer Available if requested by March 1 None None None

Additional Fees

Please note that for both GAs and GRSs each semester includes $628 in additional fees that are not covered by any tuition waiver and that will be deducted automatically from the first stipend payment.

Criteria for Awarding of Graduate Assistantships/Graduate Research Scholarships

Graduate assistantship support typically will be limited to 6 semesters for doctoral students and 2 semesters for master’s students. This will qualify doctoral students for a maximum of 3 summer semesters of tuition waivers and master’s students for no more than 2 summer semesters of tuition waivers. Summer tuition waivers are not automatic and must be requested by March 1.

Departmental financial support is subject to satisfactory progress in the degree program. Based on evidence of satisfactory progress, priority for awarding funding will be given to second- and third-year doctoral students who have already been awarded aid the previous year and who have demonstrated adequate progress towards their degree. GA/GRS positions will be awarded to the best qualified applicants based upon the following criteria:

  1. GPA of 3.40 or better in the previous degree program program.
  2. Appropriateness of prior experiences and completed degree programs in providing adequate preparation for the graduate program of study.
  3. Applicant’s description of the type and length of professional service, professional activities, research, writing, participation in professional organizations, or special projects.

In instances where non-Department of Teacher Education funds (such as specific grants and projects) are available, special and/or additional criteria may be employed for a graduate appointment. Any application for a graduate assistantship that requires deviation from the above criteria will be considered on an individual basis.


Frans Doppen
Graduate Doctoral Coordinator
309 Patton Hall

Below is a list of offices that frequently offer graduate assistantships. For more information on currently available assistantships, please refer to the Graduate assistantship positions.

Ohio University:

  • Academic Advancement Center
  • Allen Student Advising Center
  • Baker University Center
  • Career and Leadership Development Center
  • Campus Involvement Center
  • Center for Higher Education, The Patton College of Education
  • Community Standards and Student Responsibility
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Office of Global Opportunities
  • Events Services
  • International Student and Faculty Services
  • LGBT Center
  • Learning Community Programs
  • Multicultural Programs
  • Office for Multicultural Student Access and Retention
  • Housing and Residence Life
  • Vice President of Student Affairs