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Alumni Spotlight: Farhan Haque

Alumni Spotlight: Farhan Haque

The Patton College is proud to feature Farhan Haque as November’s Alum of the Month. Farhan is the first-place winner in the Student Best Paper Competition at the master’s level by the International Textiles and Apparel Association for his thesis “Consumers’ Evaluation of Environment Practices in the Textiles and Apparel Industry.”

Farhan, who is from Bangladesh, completed his M.Sc. in Human and Consumer Sciences in August 2020. He is currently working on his doctoral degree in Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and anticipates completion in May 2024.

We asked Farhan a few questions about his time at Ohio University.

Why did you choose Ohio University’s Patton College for your program?

When I started my application process for the U.S. universities, I searched universities in U.S. News. From there, I found my program at Patton College. Most importantly, I noticed how highly ranked Patton college is, and its reputation convinced me to apply. Furthermore, as an international student, I give importance to an institution’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. In this regard, from Patton college’s website, I learned how respectful this college is to the diverse global community.

How did The Patton College prepare you for your career/next steps in your education?

One of the reasons to start my M.Sc. at Ohio University was to make myself prepare for academia. The faculty in my program at Patton College was highly qualified, and most importantly, they know how to engage with international students in terms of research and professional life. I believe my program at Patton College helped me to grow as a researcher. In this regard, my advisor Dr. Haesun Park-Poaps and Dr. Ann Paulins played an essential role. They inspired me to participate in the ITAA conference when I was a first-year graduate student, which eventually motivated me to become more passionate about research. Also, the motivation and the research culture I received from the Patton college community helped me go for my Ph.D.

What inspired you most during your time at OHIO?

During my time at Ohio University, I enjoyed all the seminar sessions held by The Patton College. I always tried to attend those seminars because I wanted to learn how the other researchers do their research across the discipline and how they do their presentations and how they structure their research. Also, I was inspired by the lectures from Dr. Park-Poaps, Dr. Paulins, and Dr. VanDerveer.

What’s your favorite/most memorable memory of your time as a Patton College student?

The most memorable memory is when I received the award of an outstanding graduate student from my program. Though I was unfortunate not to receive this award in person due to COVID-19, I consider it a milestone in my academic career.   

What is your favorite place on or off-campus?

It is tough to mention a single place since the whole Ohio University campus is mesmerizing. However, during my past time, I used to spend a lot of time in Emeriti Park.

What tips/advice would you give to people who are considering studying your program at OHIO?

I would suggest utilizing all the program’s resources, such as the study tour to NYC and other countries known for fashion. Also, I would recommend attending the seminars held by The Patton College, which will enhance any student’s research experience. 

Describe Ohio University in 5 words:

Mesmerizing, Diverse and Inclusive, Lively, Outstanding Library, and Research-Focused.