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Special Education/Intervention Specialist

To receive a B.S.Ed. in Special Education and licensure as an Intervention Specialist, students must complete one of the following specialized programs. Click on a program title below to view and save a program information sheet about each specialization area:

The Intervention Specialist programs at both the Mild-Moderate and Moderate-Intensive are Nationally Recognized by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

Students who seek admission into Special Education courses are subject to additional selective admission criteria beyond the college requirements. Enrollment in special education programs is limited.

What we've been up to this Summer!  September 2015 Special Education Program Area Newsletter

November 2015 Newsletter

The selective admission process includes review of the prospective student's application to Professional Education, academic record and autobiography. Click below to view Special Ed Selective Admissions.

Special Education Selective Admission Processes, Frequently Asked Questions

Application Form for Special Education Selective Admissions

Special Education Selective Admission Rubric

Program Coordinator:
Dianne Gut

Associate Professor
McCracken Hall 210B

Program Faculty:
Perianne Bates
Dianne Gut
Leena Landmark
Karen Oswald
Jennifer Ottley
Marta Roth (emeriti-fall only)
Steve Safran (emeriti-fall only)
Scott Sparks
Bridget Stephens