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Middle Childhood Master's with Licensure

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Clinical Program


ME6870 Mathematics and Social Studies

ME6871 Science and Social Studies

ME6872 Mathematics and Science

ME6873 Language Arts and Social Studies

ME6874 Language Arts and Science

ME6875 Language Arts and Mathematics

The Master's Program with Licensure in Middle Childhood Education offers is a clinical program that can be completed in four academic terms.

List of Courses:


  • EDTE 6670Teacher as Action Researcher (3)
  • EDTE 6940 Master's Research Project (3)

Curriculum & Instruction

  • EDTE 5100 Principles of Curriculum (3)
  • EDTE 5600 Advanced Studies of Children and Adolescents (3)
  • EDSP 5700 Nature and Needs of Persons with Exceptionalities (3)

Reading [State Requirement]

  • EDTE 5270 Phonics and the Structure of Language (3)
  • EDTE 5200 Foundations of Reading (3)
  • EDTE 5220 Diagnosis: Reading/Languages (3)
  • EDTE 5260 Secondary Reading Instruction and English Language Learners (3)

Pedagogy [Select Two Methods Courses]

  • EDTE 5300 Problems and Practices in Modern Elementary Mathematics (3)
  • EDTE 5400 New Programs and Practices in Science (3)
  • EDTE 5510 Teaching Middle Childhood Social Studies (3)
  • EDTE 6932 Methods of Teaching English Language Arts in Secondary Schools (3)

Professional Internship

  • EDPL 5620 Professional Internship (6)
  • EDPL 5630 Professional Internship (6)
  • EDPL 5650 Professional Internship Seminar (3)
  • EDPL 6920 Internship: Theory into Practice (3)


Program of Study

Summer 2014

Fall 2014

Spring 2015

Summer 2015

EDSP 5700 (3)

EDTE 5100 (3)

EDTE 5200 (3)

EDTE 5260 (3)

EDTE 5600 (3)

EDPL 6920 (3)

EDTE 6670 (3)

EDTE 5220 (3)

EDTE 5270 (3)


EDTE 5510 (3) [SS]

EDTE 5300 (3) [MA]

EDTE 5400 (3) [SC]

EDTE 6932 (3) [LA]

EDPL 5620 (6)

EDPL 5630 (6)

EDPL 5650 (3)




EDTE 6940 (3)

15 Hours

18 Hours

15  Hours

3 hours

Total = 51 semester hours

Field Experience: The clinical program includes a year-long clinical experience with a Fall seminar [EDPL 6920] and Spring seminar [EDPL 5650]. Teacher candidates are expected to observe and teach in a classroom a minimum of three half-days each week during Fall semester.

Program of Study: Applicants who are admitted to the program must meet with their assigned academic advisor prior to beginning any course work. All teacher candidates must complete an approved program prior to the end of Summer 2014.

Licensure: To satisfy requirements for licensure, each teacher candidate has the option to take the new Ohio Assessment for Educators [OAE] content exams in his/her areas of concentration. It is the candidate's responsibility to submit passing scores on the OAE to his/her academic advisor and the Office of Student Affairs in the Patton College of Education no later than the end of the first semester of enrollment or the end of Fall semester when enrolled in the clinical program. If a candidate fails to take or pass the OAE exam by the required deadline, he/she must meet with his/her advisor to revise the program of study.

For the Master's Research Project Guidelines click HERE.