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Master's Programs

The Department of Teacher Education offers two types of master's degrees: initial master's with licensure and advanced master's.

Initial Master's with Licensure

Initial master's programs with licensure are designed for candidates seeking a teaching licensure through a graduate degree program. Currently, the Department of Teacher Education offers the following programs at the initial master's level.

Middle Childhood Master's with Licensure March 31, 2017 APPLICATION DEADLINE
Faculty Advisor:  Frans Doppen

ME6870 Mathematics and Social Studies
ME6871 Science and Social Studies
ME6872 Mathematics and Science
ME6873 Language Arts and Social Studies
ME6874 Language Arts and Science
ME6875 Language Arts and Mathematics

 Adolescent to Young Adult Master's with Licensure March 31, 2017 APPLICATION DEADLINEME
Faculty Advisor:  Frans Doppen

ME6866 Integrated Language Arts
ME6867 Integrated Mathematics
ME6868 Integrated Social Studies
ME6869 Integrated Science
ME6182 Family & Consumer Sciences

Intervention Specialist Master's: Mild-Moderate, Moderate-Intensive, Early Childhood Intervention Specialist
Faculty Advisor:  Jennifer Ottley

ME6236 Intervention Specialist Mild-Moderate
ME6236 Intervention Specialist Moderate-Intensive
ME 6220 Early Childhood Intervention Specialist

Master's withOUT Licensure

Teaching and Learning
Faculty Advisor:  Frans Doppen

ME6325 Teaching and Learning


Advanced master's programs are designed for licensed teachers who are interested in developing further as professionals. Currently, the Department of Teacher Education offers two programs at the Advanced Master's Level.

Reading Education
Faculty Advisor:  Sara Helfrich

Curriculum & Instruction
Faculty Advisor:  Ginger Weade



Application Information

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For more information, please contact Frans Doppen.

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