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Professional Apprenticeship

Professional Apprenticeship

In addition to their coursework, scholars in the PhD program learn how to conduct research and to serve in apprenticeship roles in teacher preparation and professional development in order to prepare them for university faculty positions and other leadership roles in the field of teacher education. Students participate in literature reviews, writing, seminar discussions, and clinical experiences. Faculty also engage their students in the research, curriculum development, and teacher professional development of their funded projects; in the teaching and advising activities of the department; and in field research and observation of student teaching interns.

The students in the program benefit from high quality facilities and field-experience opportunities in schools and other educational facilities throughout the region. Access to schools and other facilities is enhanced by the many partnerships coordinated through the Center for Professional Development School Partnerships. The Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools (CORAS), the Edward Stevens Center for the Study and Development of Literacy and Language, the Southeast Ohio Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science (SEO-CEMS), and various funded projects provide students other clinical opportunities and environment within which to conduct research.