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The PhD program within Teacher Education is built on a common foundation of learning theory, the social and cultural contexts of school education, curriculum and instruction theory, the moral and ethical dimensions of leadership, and quantitative and qualitative research methods. For each individual scholar, this solid foundational core plus specialization serves as the basis for investigating a significant educational issue that will advance the field of curriculum and instruction and prepare the scholar for future research.

Curriculum & Instruction Ph.D. Core and Program

The Department of Teacher Education doctoral program requires a minimum of 56 credit hours plus dissertation (minimum of 10 credit hours). It is expected that all students completing a doctoral degree in the Department of Teacher Education will demonstrate a common core of competencies in knowledge and skills beyond their area of specialization. The following courses constitute the common core for all the students at the doctoral level. Teaching & Learning and Research requirements of individual specialization areas may exceed the minimum number of courses listed below.

Minimum Total Credits: 56 credit hours plus dissertation

Teaching & Learning Core: minimum 13 credit hours
  • 3 hrs EDTE 7150 Theories of Curriculum Change
  • 3 hrs EDTE 7160 Theories of Instructional Change
  • 4 hrs EDTE 7920 Curriculum and Instruction Practicum
  • 3 hrs EDTE 8000 Advanced Dynamics of Human Learning
Research Core: minimum 19 credit hours
  • 4 hrs EDRE 7200 Educational Statistics
  • 4 hrs EDRE 7330 Research Design in Education
  • 4 hrs EDRE 7500 Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Education
  • 4 hrs Elective Research Course
  • 3 hrs EDTE 8040 Writing for Professional Publication in Education
Specialization/Cognate Courses: minimum 20 credit hours
Dissertation: minimum 10 credit hours

In addition to the common core of courses, it is expected that all candidates completing a doctoral degree in the Department of Teacher Education will demonstrate competencies in knowledge and skills in their area of specialization and successfully complete a dissertation.

Every student in the Curriculum of Instruction PhD has an opportunity to construct a highly individualized program based on their career goals. Specializations are available based on the expertise of doctoral faculty. To learn more about the faculty, Click HERE