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Recreation Studies Graduate Program


About the Program

The Recreation Studies Graduate Program combines coursework, research, and practical experiences to foster innovative leaders in the field. We focus on providing a solid theoretical and practical foundation for students to apply in a variety of recreation and leisure services settings.  In addition to being well-known for our Outdoor Recreation & Education, Recreation Management and Campus Recreation specializations, we also welcome students interested in focusing their studies in other areas such as sustainable tourism, recreation for individuals with disabilities, gerontology, and others. Our cohort of students is an ideal size for fostering discussion, as each entering master’s class has approximately 15 students. Small classes help foster discussion in and out of the classroom with our faculty and students. The strong connection that we enjoy with the Department of Campus Recreation and other campus partners allows us to capitalize on learning opportunities beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom.



Applications are accepted year-round.Typically, applications for both admission and financial aid for the next academic year should be received by February 15.

Graduate Assistantships

The graduate assistantships in the Department of Recreation and Sport Pedagogy (RSP) are based on the student's ability to best assist the department in accomplishing its academic mission. The graduate assistant (GA) student positions in the Department of Recreation and Sport Pedagogy (RSP) are graduate assistants. In return for a stipend and a full tuition wavier for the academic year, 15-20 hours per week is required, including office hours. Term of appointment is September through June. 

Program Requirements

Curriculum Components


Recreation Studies Core


Areas of Specialization




Capstone Experience





For a full list of recommended and required courses, click HERE.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Andrew Szolosi
Program Coordinator, Recreation Studies
Patton College of Education

McCracken Hall 202L
Athens, OH 45701