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Program Requirements - Coaching Education

Program Requirements

The campus-based program requires successful completion of 36 semesters hours of course work (required courses and electives) and can be completed in three consecutive academic periods (fall and spring semesters and one summer term).

Required courses include study in the following areas:

COED 6110 Foundations of Coaching I

COED 6120 Management and Leadership in Sport

COED 6140 Psychology of Coaching

COED 6150 Injury Prevention and Risk Management

COED 6160 Performance and Conditioning for Athletic Coaches

COED 6170 Ethics and Diversity for Athletic Coaches

COED 6200 Research and Analysis Methods for Athletic Coaches

COED 6320 Sport Performance for Athletic Coaches

COED 6400 Coaching Performance Evaluation

COED 6920 Practicum

Elective Courses (may not offered every year):

COED 5210 The Olympic Movement

COED 5212 Coaching the Elite Athlete

COED 5213 Dynamics of Skill Acquisition

COED 5300 Readings in Coaching Education

COED 5901 Coaching Symposium

COED 6100 Coaching Workshop I

COED 6101 Coaching Workshop II

COED 6115 Foundations of Coaching II

COED 6130 Finance for Athletic Coaches

COED 6180 Utilizing Technology in Athletic Coaching

COED 6330 Analysis of Performance for Athletic Coaches

Additional elective courses in Recreation Studies, Sports Administration, Education, Sport Nutrition, Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology may also be available.

To complete the program, students can choose either the thesis and non-thesis option. Students who choose the non-thesis option must decide by week five of their first semester at Ohio University whether they will meet the requirements for Coaching Education by either successfully completing comprehensive exams, a mentored writing experience or research project. And developing an e-portfolio.

THESIS OPTION: If you elect a course of study with a thesis option, you will be required to complete 30 semester hours of course work and 6 thesis hours. Your advisor will help provide more information about this option

NON-THESIS OPTION: If you elect a course of study with a non-thesis option you will be required to complete 36 semester hours of course work.