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Reading Endorsement Course Descriptions

EDTE 5200—Foundations of Reading Instruction (3 credit hours)
This course focuses on the historical, theoretical, and research foundations underlying the reading process and the teaching of reading. Candidates examine foundational theories of learning that have impacted our understanding of teaching and learning as well as specific theories of the reading process and the instruction of reading. There is a major emphasis on past and current research that has an impact on our understanding of the reading process and reading instruction. Instructional reading programs and different reading lesson plans are examined, from an historical perspective, for their adherence to theory, research, and best practices.

EDTE 5260—Secondary Reading Instruction (3 credit hours)*
This course is a presentation of materials, methods, and techniques of secondary reading instruction for teaching adolescent learners of various abilities. There is an emphasis on the diagnosis of reading difficulties and the adaption of materials and teaching methods for content area instruction. As in EDTE 5220 & 5230, the candidates will diagnose, plan and implement appropriate instruction based on the diagnosis, and prepare a case study of the work done and recommendations for further work. In this case, candidates will work with a student from between the 8th-12th grades.

EDTE 5220—Diagnosis: Reading/Language (3 credit hours)*
This course emphasizes the diagnosis of reading strengths and needs in children. Candidates will work with a child in the K-3rd grade. Candidates will diagnose a child’s reading strengths and instructional needs and develop appropriate instruction based on assessment findings. There is a strong emphasis on an assess, plan, teach cycle. Candidates will complete a case study of the student with whom they are working. The case study is to be shared with the student’s parents/guardians and current classroom teacher.

EDTE 5230—Reading/Language Laboratory (3 credit hours)*
This course continues an emphasis on diagnosis but with older students. The candidate continues working with a student, but this time one from between the 4th-8th grade. As in EDTE 5220, the candidate identifies student’s strengths and needs and plans appropriate instruction. He candidate will write a case study describing the student’s literacy strengths and needs, what instruction was conducted, the growth of the student’s literacy development, and recommendations for further work.

EDTE 5270 - Phonics and the Structure of Language (3 credit hours)
Provides information and training in the foundations of phonics instruction. Explores the historical, linguistic, and instructional framework related to phonics skill development.