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Professional Instructional Design Certificate

PID_WordleThe Professional Instructional Design Certificate is offered in an online format to optimize flexibility and convenience for participants from a broad geographic area with diverse professional experiences and widely varying schedules. The program serves individuals with the desire to transition into or expand their knowledge of instructional design. It is designed for individuals from a diversity of backgrounds who seek to design instruction for their specific area of expertise as well as those who wish to focus on instructional design in general in order to pursue some of the innumerable opportunities in government, education and industry. The program prepares participants to design and develop theory-driven instructional materials and strategies for traditional, hybrid and online adult learning environments. The Professional Instructional Design Certificate provides individuals with the knowledge, skills and experiences to work independently and collaboratively as leaders in their field.

Completion of the program earns participants 14 semester hours of graduate credit, which up to 12 hours can be applied as progress toward a Master of Education in Computer Education and Technology degree or up to 8 hours may be used toward meeting requirements of the doctor of Philosophy in Instructional Technology degree at Ohio University. (note: Applicants to these degree programs must meet all requirements for acceptance.)

The program is structured in a cohort format to provide individuals with a personal educational experience. You will be given a screen name and account number – you will progress through the series as a 25-person cohort, and you will know the faces and personalities of your instructors and colleagues well. Individuals interested in applying should contact Dr. David Moore, Program Coordinator, at Individuals are encouraged to apply early as positions are limited.

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