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Admitted Students - Teacher Leader Endorsement

Activate your OHIO ID

Your OHIO ID and password are your keys to most online services at Ohio University. If you are new to the university, returning after an extended absence, or if you do not yet have any secret questions set, you will need to activate your OHIO ID in order to:

  •  Register for classes  
  • Communicate with your professors and receive/submit assignments
  • Access Financial aid and account services

You must activate your OHIO ID before use. Once you have activated your OHIO ID, you can check your e-mail.  If you have questions about your OHIO ID, visit the website Service Desk or call 740-593-1222.

The Patton College offers a variety of programs at Ohio University regional campuses and eCampus. All cohort programs and the courses therein are contingent on a specified minimum enrollment of students. Program start dates may be postponed if the minimum enrollment is not reached. This decision will be made no fewer than 30 days prior to the advertised start date.

Accessing your courses

Once you have registered for classes, you can log in to your Blackboard 13 online courses.  Once logged into Blackboard, you will not see the courses you are registered for until a few days before the course starts. As long as you can log into Blackboard, you will have access to your courses. For tutorials and assistance with Blackboard 13, please review the Instructions for Students.  Blackboard works best with Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Assistance and Support

If you need technical support or assistance with Blackboard, please e-mail the Service Desk or call 740- 593-1222.  If you have questions about course registration, please contact Lisa S. Dael.  

Ohio University uses the Blackboard course management system. To check your system for all necessary components please visit the Browser Checker site,

Internet Connection Speed

You will need a high-speed Internet connection (also known as a broadband connection).

  • Minimum Internet Connection Speed: 200 Kbps
  • Recommended Internet Connection Speed: 384 Kbps or higher
  • To determine the speed of your Internet connection, visit PC Pit Stop go to:

If your Internet connection speed is less than the minimum of 200 Kbps, you will still be able to use Blackboard. However, downloading or uploading assignments may take a long time. Additionally, video and audio playback will be very choppy.

Adding the Endorsement

In order to be recommended for the Endorsement, you must complete all courses with a 2.75 cumulative Grade Point Average. When you are ready to apply for your endorsement, please:

Sign up for a SAFE account.  If you have questions, please call 614-466-3593.  The SAFE sign-up procedure is automated and authenticates users by leveraging real-time Ohio driver license and Ohio identification data. Please use this link to initiate the identity authentication and sign-up process:  You can pay all fees online and view your status, check the BCI/FBI tab to see if ODE has current reports, and much more.   You can also download a copy of their license once ODE issues it and print it out.  ODE no longer mails out paper copies of licenses.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Zach Schabel, Ohio University Licensing Coordinator at 740-593-4415. Processing time is usually one day. Once ODE/Educator Licensure receives your submission from OHIO, they have a turnaround time of about 2 weeks.