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Online Professional Development for Mentor Teachers

MentoringThe Patton College of Education has developed six online professional development courses to support P-12 teachers who are currently hosting teacher candidates and/or interns in their classrooms, or who plan to do so in the near future. These courses can be taken for course credit at the rate of $130 per credit hour plus fees.  Each course runs for 6-7 weeks.  They are worth 1 graduate credit hour each which can be used for re-licensure, but NOT towards an Ohio University degree program.

As part of the new Professional Development Compensation Model for Mentor Teachers, P-12 educators who regularly host professional interns through The Patton College of Education are eligible to take these online professional development courses for free.  More information regarding this model can be found here.  

To apply, please read the tips below and then complete our online application:  Once admitted students will receive registration instructions.

Tips for applying for this non-degree program:

  • In the application form on the Program Selection page (page 2), enter ND8170 into the search box, the program will come up in the search result without having to scroll through all the program options. You still need to actually click on the program title to select it.
  • Please complete fields as required on the application or processing will be delayed.
  • On page 3, Application Information, students applying for workshops should select “workshop/post-baccalaureate” for the question “application type”.
  • Ohio-licensed teachers can provide their teaching license in lieu of a transcript – but you still need to identify the school where you completed your bachelor’s degree on the application form.
  • The application carries a place for you to choose a campus (Athens). 

dot lineUpcoming COURSES

FALL 2018 - October 15-November 23
PCOE 5906 - Professionalism and Teacher Leadership (1 credit hour)
Instructor: Heather Skinner
Description: This online course focuses on working with teacher candidates to support their growing capacities in professionalism and teacher leadership. OSTP Standard 7: Professional Responsibility and Growth is explored for the purposes of modeling and scaffolding a deep understanding of ethics, policies, operating standards, and legal codes of professional conduct for teacher candidates; engaging in continuous, purposeful professional development; and becoming an agent of change. Criteria for teacher leadership are investigated to identify opportunities that impact teacher quality, school improvements, and student achievement.  The Modules and overarching topics follow:

  • Module I: OSTP Standard 7: Professional Responsibility and Growth
  • Module II: Teacher Leadership
  • Module III: Ohio Standards for Professional Development

PCOE 5907 - Trauma Informed Practice for Mentor Teachers in P-12 Settings (1 credit hour)
Instructor: Heidi Mullins
Description:   This online course is designed for P-12 teachers working with trauma-afflicted students and families dealing with substance abuse.  The modules focus on the role of teachers in recognizing warning signs of substance abuse, implementing prevention efforts, promoting social/emotional learning competencies (SEL) in the classroom, and helping students develop individual and relational resources . 

  • Module I:  Unpacking Trauma and Its Effect on Students
  • Module II:  Trauma, the Opioid Epidemic, and P-12 Schools
  • Module III:  Fostering a Trauma Sensitive Classroom
  • Module IV:  Servicing the WHOLE Child

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If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Lisa S. Dael.