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Doctoral Degree - Educational Administration

Seeking talented applicants from the United States and abroad who wish to develop scholarly capacity through advanced study in educational leadership and policy, the doctoral program in Educational Administration at Ohio University offers a challenging and relevant curriculum, a supportive faculty, and innovative approaches to adult learning.

Students are organized into cohorts that work together from the beginning to the end of the coursework portion of the program. The coursework follows a prescribed sequence, which enables the students to complete the coursework in twenty-four months and become eligible for comprehensive examinations.

Once an individual passes the comprehensive exam, he or she works intensively with a committee of faculty to develop a dissertation proposal and, then, to conduct a dissertation study. Members of the cohort meet periodically in seminars to discuss and critique their on-going dissertation work. Students who are highly focused are able to complete the entire program - including the dissertation - within four to five years.

Research Dinner 2014

Program overview

The doctoral program in educational administration combines conceptual and practical study at an advanced level, preparing individuals for scholarly work in education and related policy arenas. The program strengthens students’ use of both formal and informal methods of inquiry as the basis for confronting educational dilemmas.

Leadership and Policy Core

  5-6, four-hour courses

The foundational knowledge for all EDAD doctoral students, regardless of specialization.


Contextual Core


5-6, four-hour courses


The contextual element of the doctoral programs---includes as noted above, (1) organizational leadership, (2) school-community programs, and (3) comparative-international programs. In fact, students can specialize in one of these areas of study.


Scholarly Tools


6, one-hour courses and 4,   four-hour courses


The research foundation for all EDAD majors





A minimum of 15 hours



Program features

  • An emphasis on new and innovative approaches to engaging educational issues
  • Strong theoretical grounding with practical applications
  • Focus on specific contexts (i.e., organizational leadership, school-community, and comparative international programs).
  • Cultivation of a small cohort, in which the students address their coursework together; though rolling admissions do exist.
  • Weekend format at the Athens Campus for working professionals.


For more information about the program, please contact: 

Robin Boyd, Administrative Assistant
Educational Administration Program