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Critical Studies Master's Degree

The intent and goal of the Critical Studies masters' program is to have students engage in a deep and thorough understanding of the relationship between the socio-political context of education through an analysis from the lens of applicable social sciences and humanities. Matching our academic program with other disciplines demonstrates how broadly we envision and define "education"as we acknowledge that education as a process occurs throughout society. (Note: The CSE Master's program is not directed towards students desiring a licensure in P-12 public school teaching.)
Students entering CSE programs take core courses in Critical Studies in Education, prepare themselves in methods of inquiry appropriate to their research interests, and plan a course of study for an individualized concentration to include course work outside of The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education. At the end of their program of study, students complete a capstone master’s research requirement.

Click here for the Program of Study.Students in the Cultural Studies program work with an advisor to develop a plan of study for an individualized concentration.

Click here for descriptions of Master’s Capstone Requirement.