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The faculty in CSE purposely reflects a broad and diverse background. Individual faculty are prepared with different academic and professional backgrounds, ranging from the disciplines of anthropology, history, philosophy and sociology of education, as well as specific areas such as critical and cultural inquiry, transcultural education, diversity and co-culturalism, and the democratic community.

Michael E. Hess, Ph.D., Lecturer
McCracken Hall 313E

Dr. Michael Hess holds the B.A. in Social Sciences, the M.Ed. in College Student Personnel, and the Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from Ohio University. He currently teaches courses in the Critical Studies in Educational Foundations program.

Theodore J. Hutchinson, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Critical Studies in Educational Foundations Program Coordinator 
Director, Undergraduate Diversity Studies Certificate 
McCracken Hall 321E
Dr. Theodore J. Hutchinson holds the B.A. in Philosophy and the M.Ed. in Educational Psychology and School Counseling from the University of Washington, and received the Ph.D. in Social Foundations and the Philosophy of Education from the University of Washington. Dr. Hutchinson teaches courses in the Critical Studies in Educational Foundations program. His major research interests include relational philosophies of education, the radical democratic community, anti-bias education and pluralism (race, social class, gender and sexual orientation). Dr. Hutchinson also pursues scholarship using philosophical and narrative inquiry.
Katharine Sprecher, Ph.D., Lecturer
McCracken 312
Dr. Katharine Sprecher received her B.A. in women's studies, M.A. in social and cultural anthropology, and California teaching credential with concentration in culture, language, and academic development. She completed her PhD in education with concentration in Cultural Studies of Educational Foundations at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Sprecher teaches undergraduate and graduate courses for the Critical Studies in Educational Foundations program. Her research interests include social justice and diversity in education with emphases in feminism, gender, and sexuality; local-global approaches to critical multiculturalism; and feminist, postcritical, and performative methodologies. She has worked with diverse communities in K-12+ schools, including children who have experienced forced migration and refugee internment.