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What Alumni Say

"The program provided me with a tremendous blend of challenges and opportunities. I have the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to succeed in the profession."
Brian Bruess, Dean of Students, College of St. Catherine (MN)

"My experience as a grad at OU was phenomenal! As a graduate assistant in Residence Life, I learned a lot about how to do the tasks as well as how to apply the knowledge I gained in my classes. The connection between my course work and my assistantship allowed for a great learning experience. I also appreciated the opportunity to have varied experiences through my practicum--along with my Residence Life experience, I was able to do a practicum in Precollege and one in Leadership Development. Those additional practical experiences helped me feel prepared for many different kinds of jobs in the field. And, like many others, I made wonderful friends and connections with folks that remain to this day. Through those people, I have been presented with opportunities (like regional board membership for NASPA) that I don't think would have occurred otherwise."
Mimi Benjamin, Coordinator of Residence Life, Iowa State University

"I often rely upon the connections that I made in the program and in the division of student affairs. The program recognized me as an adult learner and encouraged me to create a program of courses and experiences that reflected my goals."
Meg Benke, SUNY Empire State College

"Ohio University will always be a part of me. My children were born in Athens, I keep in contact with many of my friends, and I still use the knowledge that I gained from the program."
Doug Woodard, Professor of Higher Education, University of Arizona

"The aspect of OU's master's program that I appreciated most, as I began my career in student affairs, was the cooperative relationship that existed between the The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education and the student affairs division of the university. At that time, familiarity with theory was important to me, but I was especially motivated to learn how to apply theory to practice. Both my associateship in residence life and the practica that I completed in other departments within the division allowed me to develop an applied understanding of developmental and organizational theory. In addition to taking a strong interest in the program, both faculty members and student affairs administrators took a special interest in us as individuals. They took time to learn about our unique career goals and were flexible enough to accommodate our particular needs. Over the course of my career, I have also appreciated the professional network that I have been able to establish through my association with OU. Both the student affairs division and the academic department are well respected and well represented within the profession. The collaboration that occurs between the two units of the university only serves to strengthen the preparation that they are able to provide to aspiring student affairs professionals."
Joe Murray, M.Ed., '84, Assistant Professor of Education, Bucknell University

"Ohio University is one of the few universities in the world that not only provides a multi-cultural perspective but in practice is a global community."
Elizabeth McGovern, Director of global Initiatives, University of Maryland

"In an institution and in a country where CSP is the exception and NOT the norm, my work has been received quite well. After certain sessions, disciplinary hearings, meetings, etc,. my Provost has specifically remarked that my training at OU is very evident in my work and that he is constantly impressed [...] I've realized a few things--realistically I am able to do pretty much as I please in this position because I was hired as the CSP expert, I'm upper management in the organizational structure, and I was given autonomy in this position. I made certain that my performance this first year has been consistent and professional. Because of this, people see me as a professional and therefore my own "eccentricities" can come out. So now I wear all 15 of my earrings..."
Alison Rubin, '99, Dean of Students, Huron University, London

"I had been accepted to five graduate programs but chose OU because of the opportunity for practical application of theory. I was excited by the variety of practical experiences which were a part of the program. I was privileged to be a part of some cutting-edge experiences such as developing the first-ever leadership class for credit and helping to develop the vision of the leadership development program. These are experiences which have helped shaped the professional that I am today. I am forever grateful for the incredible experiences the program provided to me."
Alison Black, M.Ed. '94, Area Coordinator, Gettysburg College (PA)

"I had a wonderful experience in the graduate program at OU. The professors challenged me and the Student Affairs staff gave me fantastic opportunities to apply what I was learning through my coursework. I was very fortunate to connect with professionals that would take extra time to meet with me and speak to me about the field and what to expect when I graduate. I always received sound and thoughtful advice. The friendships I developed in graduate school continue today and I always look forward to the OU Reception at ACPA as a time to reconnect with fellow bobcats."
Tricia N. Torok, '89, Assistant Dean for Student Activities, Rutgers University

"Ohio University was the first place I "found" myself. My undergraduate experience there was so wonderful that it turned me on to the field of Student Affairs. And I enjoyed the campus atmosphere so much that I stayed on for graduate school. I have learned that the grad program prepared me very well for a career in this dynamic field, and that the professors in the program are well known nationwide. Those kind of connections help a great deal in such a seemingly small field."
Greg Wolcott, '99, Coordinator of Orientation and Parents Programs, Virginia Tech

"The CSP program opened numerous doors of opportunities for my career in the Student Affairs profession and it provided me with a specialized tool kit of communication, organization, management, and strong leadership skills that have enabled me to excel in my personal and professional growth."
Thanos Zyngas, Area Director, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota

"When thinking about all of the people and experiences in my life that have contributed to where I am in my career, my time at Ohio University definitely stands out. The support I received from the Division of Student Affairs began during my sophomore year and continued through the end of my Master's Program. I will forever remember the valuable life lessons I learned while I observed and interacted with some of the best practitioners in higher education today."
Samantha Jones Hughes, '95, '97, Kenyon College

"It is only now, during my first year as a full-time student affairs professional, that I have realized the power of many of my experiences during graduate school at Ohio University. While in school, I could look at things through a more pure theoretical lens and often times the more practical side of things eluded me. My instructors at OU were always willing to take the extra time to ask the probing questions to get me to think beyond what I was reading in the articles and texts and see how it would be applicable to my work after my degree was completed. Additionally, I was given the opportunity through many practicum experiences and a graduate assistantship to put this knowledge to use and to discover what kind of a professional I would become in a supportive environment. And believe it or not, I've found the theories to be useful when dealing with some of my students and understanding where they are."
Jen Schomburg Kanke, '99, First Year Advisor, Miami University