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Program Philosophy & Objectives

For over 40 years, our Master's Degree students have embraced the mission of learning how to enrich the student experience. The program offers knowledge and skills in a distinctive community setting, a learning-living laboratory for studying and enhancing the undergraduate experience.

The core values that guide the mission are:

  • "Community" as a mutually empowering learning environment
  • "Diversity" as more than the tolerance of difference but a commitment to equity, justice, and affirmation
  • "Individuality" as an expression of personal human growth and dignity
  • "Holism" as the synergy that must take place between the ideas and activities, the heads and hearts of our learners
  • "Service" as an unwavering devotion to the development of human potential
  • "Learning" as the primary reason for the existence of institutions of higher education

The program attempts to fulfill its mission by:

  • Providing a core of theory, skills, values, and attitudes to help our graduates enrich the student experience.
  • Developing understandings about higher education, student affairs functions, college student development, and educational research.
  • Assisting students in developing their professional competencies through field experiences that are sequenced appropriately with theory-oriented courses.