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Laura Harrison

Associate Professor, Counseling and Higher Education
Counseling and Higher Education
McCracken Hall 432A

Laura M. Harrison teaches and writes on the topics of advocacy, change, and leadership in higher education. Prior to joining The Patton College faculty, she served as an Associate Dean of Students at Stanford University and taught in the Business and Education schools at the University of San Francisco. She earned a doctorate in Organization and Leadership from the University of San Francisco, master’s degree in Counselor Education and baccalaureate degree in English at Ohio University.

Recent Publications:

Harrison, L.M. & Mather, P.  (2015).  Alternative solutions to higher education’s problems: An appreciative approach to reform.  New York City, NY: Routledge.

Harrison, L.M. (2015).  Critical management studies’ role in productive conversations about racism.  In Drakeford, L. (Ed.)  The Race Controversy in American Education, 191-208.  Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger Publishing.

Harrison, L.M. & Risler, L.  (2015).  The role consumerism plays in student learning.  Active Learning in Higher Education 16(1), 67-76.

Carver, L. & Harrison, L. M.  (2015).  Critical thinking vs. vocationalism: A matter of class?  Equity and Excellence in Education 48(2), 283-298.

Harrison, L.M.  (2014).  How student affairs professionals learn to advocate: A phenomenological study.  Journal of College and Character 15(3), 165-178.

Risler, L. & Harrison, L.M.  (2014).  Is there a correlation between college presidential compensation and performance?  Australian Universities Review 56(2), 30-35.

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